The Prayer Institute offers a program called The Corporate Connection to the business community worldwide.
God is concerned about the corporate marketplace and He has plans for its scriptural success.
We believe that prayer can give us hope, empower us with wisdom,
and give us peace to make the right decisions.
Three services are offered to your organization when you become a member of
the Corporate Connection: private prayer, event prayer, and bible studies.

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“Exclusively For You”

Have you ever faced a day in the office when you would throw up your hands and say, “God help me!”? This reaction could be due to a major decision awaiting your response, meeting a project deadline, addressing personnel issues, hiring new staff or dealing with difficult clients or supervisors.

Whatever the reason, we recognize that sometimes we just need prayer. We believe that prayer answers all things, can give us hope, empower us with wisdom and strength, and most importantly, give us peace to make the right decisions we are faced with daily. God is concerned about the corporate marketplace, and He has plans for its Scriptural success.

With great respect for the corporate and business community, The Prayer Institute offers a program called The Corporate Connection that has been established to pray for you, your business or your organization. The Corporate Connection offers three services.

1 – Private Prayer

At your request, The Prayer Institute will send two team members to your office to pray for you privately. This closed meeting will be done within your designated time allotment. The impact can be tremendous.

Prior to beginning, we will ask you for any specific prayer requests. Upon completion of our prayer session, we will forward to you a written prayer that you and/or your staff can continue to pray. The Prayer Institute has written prayers for many organizations with resounding results.

2 – Event Prayer

The Prayer Institute team will come to your public event or private conference to pray for your leadership team, event organizers, volunteers, and the event attendees. We are available to pray for your team during the planning and implementation process. Let us partner with you for the success of your event.

3 – Bible Study

The Prayer Institute will host 45-minute Bible studies at your organization on a weekly or monthly basis. Statistics have shown that corporate Bible studies have proven to be very successful when conducted properly and bring about greater productivity in addition to establishing peace and harmony in the workplace.

As Christians, we have been mandated by God to pray. We consider it our honor to pray for you and with you. There is no fee for ANY Corporate Connection service. We are “taking the world by prayer!” The Prayer Institute understands and has experienced the power of prayer, and we want to pray for your professional success as well as your business and/or organization’s success.

Please email or call us to allow us to serve you in this capacity. Your confidential email can be received at info@prayerinstitute.comor call us at 713-726-2522. As an alternative method, simply complete the form in this brochure and mail it to 6011 West Orem Drive, Houston, TX 77085. We look forward to hearing from you soon!