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Praying to Change Your Life: Prayer 101 – Course Description

Prayer is the supernatural vehicle God created to allow all of Mankind to communicate and fellowship with Him to accomplish His will on earth. Through prayer, we grow in our relationship with God, learn how to hear His voice, and then follow His example of declaring His Word.

When Jesus prayed, He got immediate results. And with faith, we too can learn to pray and eventually experience life-changing results and answers to prayer based on the promises that God makes available in His Word. Over time, we see God’s will manifest in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Our course ultimately teaches believers how to pray using the prayer that Jesus instructed His disciples to pray in Matthew – Chapter Six. The Prayer 101 course examines the Lord’s Prayer and the key spiritual elements that Jesus used to pray prayers with power and authority.

Through this “how-to” course, participants will experience the power of prayer through instruction, small group discussion, practical activities, and various prayer exercises.

We’ve designed the lessons of this interactive study to enable students to –

  • Construct and practice praying God-centered effectual and fervent prayers
  • Enhance and develop direct communication with God
  • Learn to develop spiritual ears to hear what God says in response and/or how He directs
  • Enhance their overall relationship with God
  • Strengthen personal confidence to pray
  • Ultimately transform their prayer life

The Praying to Change Your Life: Prayer 101 course will ignite a passion for prayer and transform hearts.




Who benefits from the Prayer 101 course, and what can they expect to learn?

At The Prayer Institute, we’ve designed this course to significantly benefit those who desire a closer and more intimate relationship with the Father and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. From that desire, our study sessions help guide participants on a journey of enhanced prayer, the discovery of His presence, and obtaining inspiration through God’s Word.

As such, those who benefit are –

  • People interested in enriching their lives through the wisdom of the Bible and/or the teachings of Jesus
  • Clergy looking for resources to support their ministry, as well as their spiritual journey
  • Religious scholars who may be interested in supplementing their studies, and
  • Church groups and ministries looking for resources to help enhance the prayer lives of their parishioners

Participants can –

  • Discover and explore the spiritual keys necessary for praying powerful prayers that manifest God’s will for their lives, their loved ones, and those in the community
  • Experience the power of prayer through instruction, small group discussion, and prayer exercises
  • Construct and practice praying God-centered efficacious prayers that develop communication with God and for God
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how the Lord’s Prayer can enrich their daily life


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