April 4: A Prayer of Preparation for the Spring Feasts

Amazing Father, we thank You for preparing us for the Spring Feasts.  Thank You for Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Firstfruits and Pentecost.  Thank You for drawing us into a more intimate relationship with You through these feasts.  We will sing songs of joy to You.  We will sing a new song of praise to You and play skillfully on the harp.  Your Word, Lord, holds true and we can trust everything that You do.  You love whatever is just and good; Your unfailing love fills the earth.  We put our hope in You, Lord.  You are our help and our shield.  In You do our hearts rejoice, for we trust in Your holy Name.  Let Your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in You alone.

Holy Father, You loved the world so much that You gave Your only begotten Son as Redeemer, sacrificed on the altar of the cross, freeing all believers from slavery to sin.  As we come together during the springtime of the year, we will prepare ourselves to meet with You to celebrate the Passover, the Festival of Unleavened Bread and the Celebration of the Firstfruits. We will examine ourselves and confess our sins to You, that we may be forgiven. In our homes, we and our families vow to serve You alone. We will carefully examine our homes, just as we examine ourselves, to be certain that there is no unclean thing that would separate us from Your presence. As You have decreed, we will remove all yeast from our homes as we prepare to celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread.  At the same time, we will remove all wickedness from our hearts so that we can come before You with clean hands.

List  the things you need to do in preparation for the Spring Feasts:


Holy Spirit, as we study God’s Word, instruct us in preparing for the Spring Feasts. Bring to our remembrance areas in our lives that need to be transformed in order to be cleansed of sin or idolatry. Help us to develop a greater appreciation for the blessings the Father has given us.  Father, bless our families and enlarge our territories so that we may have even more to bring back into Your Kingdom. Help us to share this wonderful time with our friends and family members and use it as a tool to witness Your love and salvation to the lost.

Redeeming Father, forgive us corporately and individually for our sins. Forgive us for holding on to our old ways and for being reluctant to follow Your precepts which are new to us. Forgive those who choose not to celebrate Your festivals or those who are unable or unwilling to bring offerings to You.  Forgive us for being timid and afraid to share the information about Your festivals with our friends, family members and co-workers.  Lord, forgive me for (list any sins that you have committed).  Holy Spirit, remind us all of those we need to forgive and help us to be quick to forgive.  As for me, Holy Spirit, bring to my remembrance those I need to forgive. (Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to show you names or faces of people that you may need to forgive.  As He shows you, say aloud, “I forgive name of person(s).”  Now, trust the Lord to heal any wounds in your soul caused by unforgiveness.)

Holy Spirit, help us all to not yield to temptation; but deliver us from the evil one.

Almighty King, You created the heavens and stretched them out.  You created the earth and everything in it.  You give breath to everyone, life to everyone who walks the earth.  You alone are the Lord!  You will not give Your glory to anyone else, nor will You share Your praise with carved idols.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.