A Prayer of Protection for the United States of America Regarding Terrorism

A Prayer of Protection for the United States of America Regarding Terrorism

Scripture Reading:

Psalm 145:1-7, Psalm 27

Reflections of the Heart:

“God guards you from every evil, he guards your very life. He guards you when you leave and when you return, he guards you now, he guards you always.” Psalm 121:7-8 (The Message)

Scriptural Prayer:

Heavenly Father, we thank You for blessing our nation, the United States, and extending Your grace and mercy towards us. Thank You for protecting all of our borders and exposing evil plans against our country. Your steadfast love is from everlasting to everlasting.  We love You, Lord, and bless Your Holy Name.  Lord, we worship You with gladness. We come before You singing with joy. We acknowledge that You are God! You made us and we are Yours.  We will enter Your gates with thanksgiving and go into Your courts with praise. You are good, Father. Your unfailing love continues forever and Your faithfulness continues to each generation!

Almighty God, we confess that as Your Word is sent out, it will accomplish all that You want it to, and it will prosper everywhere You send it. As we continue to declare Your Word, we are confident that we will see Your goodness while we are in the land of the living and with expectant hearts we shall see the destruction of terrorism throughout the world.  We declare that all nations who trust in You will live quiet and peaceable lives in Godliness and dignity. Lord, we know that there is only one God and one Mediator between You and humanity, which is Christ Jesus. We confess that Your Gospel will continue to spread throughout the world.  Your Kingdom has come and You reign. We declare that as those throughout the world trust in You, they will experience Your peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. In Jesus’ Name, we command every hidden scheme of terror to expose itself. We proclaim that You have destroyed the wicked   men who masterminded 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks around the world, and their names are forever erased. We destroy every terroristic plot that any of their followers and sympathizers plan to put into action and render their works powerless. Father, we trust You to continue to surround our nation and our allies with Your favor. We declare that Americans who are working and living in foreign nations are covered by the blood of Jesus. They are rescued from every trap and they are protected from deadly disease. You cover them with Your feathers and shelter them with Your wings. Your faithful promises are their armor and protection.

Holy Spirit, continue to expose the network operations, identities, plans, and locations of terrorist groups. Alert us, the Body of Christ, when we need to fight against the spiritual forces who speak to the minds of men and women to retaliate against the U.S. and our allies. Help us, as a nation, to resist anxiety, unrest, depression, hopelessness, fear, and guilt.  Lord, we ask You to continue to touch the hearts of all Christians to pray for the nations of the world. Holy Spirit, remind us to pray for our country continually. Please increase the prayer movement in the world and help us to pray with boldness and diligence. We ask You to help our President, his administration, Congress and our armed forces. Give them Your wisdom, knowledge, confidence, and peace. Touch the hearts of all world leaders to look to You for guidance and direction. Keep our intelligence agencies (the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security) vigilant and alert. Help them stay in continual communication and keep them sharply focused on critical details so that they may work soberly and decisively. Surround them with Godly counsel and let Your voice pierce any darkness.  Cause their hearts to become flooded with light.

What are your concerns about terrorism? List them and talk to the Lord about them:


Eternal Father, forgive us as a nation for our many sins.  Forgive us for hypocrisy, injustice, oppression, greed, racism, sexism, ageism, elitism, deceit, lying, lewdness, pornography, selfish ambitions, lawlessness, rebellion, violence, hatred, partiality, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, and slander. God, have mercy upon our nation and help us to continue to follow after You. Forgive us for not representing Your Kingdom to the world. Forgive those of us who have not consistently been praying about terrorism and for being insensitive to the terrorism that is occurring in other countries.  Lord, forgive me for (list any sins that you have committed).  Holy Spirit, remind us all of those we need to forgive and help us to be quick to forgive.  As for me, Holy Spirit, bring to my remembrance those I need to forgive (take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to show you names or faces of people that you may need to forgive.  As He shows you, say aloud, “I forgive name of person(s).”  Now, trust the Lord to heal any wounds in your soul caused by unforgiveness).

Faithful Father, help us all to not yield to temptation; but deliver us from the evil one.

Great and Almighty God, You are high above the nations. Your glory is higher than the heavens. Who can be compared with You, the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high? Everything You do reveals Your glory and majesty. Your righteousness never fails! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture References for the Written Text:  Psalm 100, Isaiah 55:11, Psalm 27:13, I Timothy 2:2,5, Philippians 4:7, Psalm 9:5, Psalm 5:12, Psalm 91:3-4, Ephesians 1:18, Matthew 6:13, Psalm 113:4-5,  Psalm 111:3

Today, I will trust God to:


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