A Prayer for Salvation

A Prayer for Salvation

Scripture Reading:

Ephesians 1:3-10, Romans 15:1-13

Reflections of the Heart:

We are thankful to the Holy Spirit, who reminds us in the Word of God that Jesus anticipates the mission to non-believers, whom He calls “other sheep.” We, who were not of His first “fold,” belong to Him. Since Pentecost, our complete incorporation into the one church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the full mandate of the Great Commission to spread the Gospel around the world, even to those who may hate Christ in us – and may include some of our family members, friends, co-workers, and those we perceive to be enemies.

Scriptural Prayer:

O God, we come to Your altar, to You, the source of all our joy. We will praise You with our harps, O God, our God! Great are You, Lord! You are most worthy of praise! You are to be feared above all gods. We will thank You, Lord, among all the people. We will sing Your praises among the nations. We will give repeated thanks to You, Lord, praising You to everyone. Father, You loved the world so much that You gave Your one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Whatever we do or say, we will do it as a representative of You, Lord Jesus, giving thanks through You to God, our Father. Thank You for the gift of salvation through Your, death, burial and resurrection.  Gracious Father, we thank You for extending Your unfailing love towards us.  Thank You, for the tremendous harvest of souls. You are great and greatly to be praised.

Heavenly Father, You are Creator of everything, including man and woman in Your own image. Your decree to be fruitful and multiply manifested into families who identify as communities and nations and continents. You have graciously given each of Your creation free will to choose eternal life in Jesus Christ or eternal death in the lake of fire. Father God, we know that unbelief is sin, a self deception and false teaching. We commit ourselves, the church of Jesus Christ everywhere, to do the work of evangelists as did the church at Thessalonica. They became an example to all the believers in Greece. And then the Word of the Lord rang out from them to people everywhere, even beyond Macedonia and Achaia, for Paul found people telling him about their faith in God. As Paul thanked God through Jesus Christ because the faith of the Romans was being talked about all over the world, we claim that local evangelists and missionaries will act out Your kind of faith, Father. We know that Your will is that all men and women be saved and understand the truth. We proclaim that You will be glorified through the confession of our family members, friends, co-workers and enemies who will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior because of the lifestyle and confession lived before them by the men and women who walk in the Spirit by faith. We stand united on Your Word that pastors and teachers will preach the Word and do the work of an evangelist, in season and out of season. We are reminded that out of the mouths of babes – even those babes in Christ – will come perfected praise to lift up the Light of Jesus to draw men and women, boys and girls, of all races and creeds of non-believers to Your Son and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Merciful Father, we covet that men and women will act out the authority You have vested in believers and be more than conquering warriors. We pray that our message from the Lord will spread rapidly and be honored by our family members and friends and everyone who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We pray that all believers are ready to share the hope that Christ gave us. For You sent Jesus, Your Son, into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him. Holy Spirit, inspire in all believers a zeal to be obedient to heed the Great Commission and “go” to their family members and friends who aren’t saved and teach them Your Word. Help Christians to teach co-workers and even those they perceive to be enemies that You love them and desire that they become Your children. Empower all believers to take the Lord’s charge to preach the Word of God; to be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not; to patiently correct, rebuke and encourage people with good teaching. Father, create in those we touch a pure heart and a reborn spirit.

Holy Spirit, remind me every time I encounter unsaved people and encourage me to speak God’s Word to them. Some that I recall include: 


Holy Father, Your Word says that if we believers confess sins to You, You are faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness. Forgive those believers who, out of a pure heart and according to Your will, seek Your forgiveness for their lack of diligence in making known to those in their sphere of influence the precious hope they have in the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that all believers will come before Your throne of grace and confess complacency and disobedience to Your Great Commission in true godly repentance. For we know that the kind of sorrow You want us to experience leads us away from sin and results in salvation. There is no regret for that kind of sorrow. But worldly sorrow, which lacks repentance, results in spiritual death. Father, forgive me for (list any sins that you have committed.)  Holy Spirit, remind us all of those we need to forgive and help us to be quick to forgive. As for me, Holy Spirit, bring to my remembrance those I need to forgive. (Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to show you names or faces of people that you may need to forgive.  As He shows you, say aloud, “I forgive name of person(s).”  Now, trust the Lord to heal any wounds in your soul caused by unforgiveness.)

Holy Spirit, help us all not to yield to temptation; but, deliver us from the evil one.

Father God, we sing in a mighty chorus, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slaughtered – to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing!” The Lord lives! Praise to our Rock! May You, the God of our salvation, be exalted! In the majestic Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen!

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Today I will trust God to:


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