A Prayer for Forgiveness and Forgiving Others

A Prayer for Forgiveness and Forgiving Others

Scripture Reading:

Nehemiah 9:6-15, Matthew 6:9-15


Reflections of the Heart:

When we ask God to forgive us, what do we really expect?  He said He would cast our sins into the sea of forgetfulness and never remember them.  Do we believe this?  Today, trust the Lord to purge you with His hyssop and wash You whiter than snow.  He said He would forgive us.  As you admit any wrongdoing, confess them with the confidence of knowing that God loves you and He wants what is best for you.


Scriptural Prayer:

Father, we honor You and we bless You.  With all our souls and all that is within us, we bless Your holy Name.  It is You, Father, who crowns us with love and tender mercies and You fill our lives with good things.  We give thanks to You and proclaim Your greatness.  Lord, we will let the whole world know what You have done.  We will sing to You the praises due Your Name and tell everyone about Your wonderful deeds.  Thank You, Father, for loving us, forgiving us and saving us.  Thank You for being patient with us. Your compassion towards us is unfailing and Your mercies are new every morning.  Lord, Your faithfulness is great towards us.

Father, Your Word tells us that if we forgive those who have sinned against us, then You, our Heavenly Father, will forgive us.  But, if we refuse to forgive others, You will not forgive us of our sins.  Today we choose to forgive. Father, we declare that we will be patient with people and forgive those who have offended us.   I forgive                for                           , and I release them and let it go.  Father, forgive me for my sins.  You said that if I confess my sins to You, You are faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me from all wickedness.  Therefore, Father, please forgive me for _________________.


Holy Spirit, help all of us to forgive people who have hurt us.  Heal our emotions that have been wounded and teach us how to love unconditionally.  Continue to extend Your love and mercy toward us.  Please remind us daily to use Your power living on the inside of us which helps us in all things.  Lord, help us to forget the past so that we can move forward to the future as we press toward the mark of our higher calling in Christ Jesus.

Father, please forgive us for not being forgiving. Forgive us for thinking evil thoughts, and seeking revenge against people who have offended us.  Forgive us for hatred and for not walking in love.  Forgive us for gossiping, lying and for rehearsing in our minds what was said or done to us.  Lord, remind us of those persons we need to forgive, and help us to forgive.

Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from the evil one.


God, You are a mighty fortress. You are subject to none, yet, all are subject to You.  You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  You are the God who is, and was, and who is to come.  To You, the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture References for the written text:  Psalm 103:1-5, I Chronicles 16:8-9, Lamentations 3:22-23, Matthew 6:14-15, Ephesians 4:2, I John 1:9, Philippians 3:14, Matthew 6:13, Revelation 1:8, I Timothy 1:17

Today, I will trust God to:


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