Community Prayer Walk w/TPI

Walk & Pray With Power, Transform Communities

The Prayer Institute is excited to present the First Responders Prayer Walk- 2024! We’re calling all EMTs, first responders, nurses, medical personnel, and prayer warriors to embark on another Kingdom-building endeavor with us. 

First Responders Prayer Walk
Saturday, June 8th, at 8:30 AM (CT)
Rice University Walk and Running Trail— Greenbriar Lot Entrance
6100 Main Street | Houston, TX. 77005

If you’re ready to unite and call God’s will down from Heaven through walking and praying with power, join us for a morning of fresh air, fun, and fellowship as we collectively pray to transform one community at a time!



    Prayer of agreement for healing, safety, and the power of God to change and transform our local communities. Special prayer for first responders and medical personnel who serve within the community.
  • TOOLS:
    Register and pick up your FREE Prayer Walk Prayer Guide on the day of the event. 
    Once you’ve registered, don’t forget to download the Rice University Running Trail map!


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