The Prayer Training Conference provides an exciting, interactive, hands-on training curriculum that teaches: what is prayer, the purpose for prayer, and how to produce God’s plans for our lives. Filled with challenging exercises, thought provoking discussion, and an abundance of wisdom and knowledge, this two-day conference will Change Your Life!

The Prayer Institute will provide 12-16 hours of instruction and practicum on how to pray using the Model Prayer. At the conclusion of the conference, the participants will leave: Armed with the necessary tools to pray productive and efficacious prayers; Empowered to achieve God’s will for their church, community, and family; Equipped to use Scripture for praying; and Encouraged to pray boldly and confidently.


What is Prayer

The Bible states that believers should earnestly pray at all times. Most believers have a desire to pray, but they are not successful because of a lack of understanding. Participants will learn the definition of prayer, God’s purpose for prayer, why prayer was created and why believers should pray.

Prayer and God’s Word

The Word of God is uniquely powerful; it is able to create what did not exist before and it is mighty in bringing change to our circumstances. According to Jeremiah 1:12, the Lord watches over His Word to perform it. Therefore, it is imperative for believers to release His Word so that the Lord can act upon it. Participants will discover the relationship between Scripture and powerful, productive prayers. They will be taught how to incorporate God’s Word into their prayers in order to maximize results.

The Model Prayer

In Matthew 6:5-8, Jesus provided directions to His disciples for effective, productive prayers. In response to their request to teach them how to pray, He told them to pray “in this manner.” We know the prayer that follows in Matthew 6:9-13 as the Lord’s Prayer or the Model Prayer. This prayer contains the key components that will guarantee God’s results for our lives. In this interactive session, participants will discover the Kingdom revelations hidden within the Model Prayer and learn how to pray using the principles revealed by these revelations.

Material & Equipment

The Prayer Institute will provide an electronic copy of the conference training material. Copies for attendees are to be provided by the conference host. A 30-day prayer guide with written prayers, using the Model Prayer will be provided by The Prayer Institute for each participant.

The conference host is also requested to provide the following equipment:

  • Projector and screen for PowerPoint presentations;
  • Table rounds of ten (optional);
  • Podium and microphone;
  • Three six-foot tables;
  • One three to four-foot table; and
  • Video media.

Fees & Expenses

The two-day Prayer Training Conference fee is $3,500 (negotiable). A deposit is due 45 days before the conference date. The balance is due at the end of the conference. Make checks payable to The Prayer Institute.

Other expenses covered by the conference host include:

  • Two coach class airline tickets;
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport and conference venue;
  • Two hotel rooms with double beds; and
  • Meals for conference presenter and staff.

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