National Prayer Connection

Prayer Targets

Prayer Leader:  Dr. Mark Chironna

August 26, 2020


  1. Pray for God to heal the severed nerve in Jacob Blake’s back.  We are trusting for a miracle so that he can walk again.
  1. Pray mercy and healing grace for Jacob’s daughter and children.  Diminish the effects of the shooting emotionally and psychologically.
  1. Pray that God will uphold and sustain the entire Jacob Blake family.
  1. Pray for the eradication of systemic racism.  Pray that God will expose all the high places of wickedness within our structures, laws, etc.  This will be the generation that will demand that injustice be dealt with in every system of our lives.
  1. God will raise up righteous leaders in government and remove unrighteous leaders, those who are not committed to righteousness.
  1. God have mercy and protect those who are facing Hurricane Laura.
  1. God give grace to all the Hurricane Laura first responders and we hear of more miracles of God than of destruction and devastation.
  1. Prophetic Word: The pandemic is not going away.  We are in for another uptick this Fall.  We need to contend in prayer for several months ahead.  Pray that the Church acts with wisdom and foolishly.  Pray that God will move on scientists and doctors and help them to identify the vaccine for the virus.
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