National Prayer Connection

Prayer Targets

Prayer Leader: Deborah Anderson Barnes

July 15, 2020

1. Pray for our President, his administration, Congress, Governors, Mayors and all elected officials in accordance with 1 Timothy 2:1-2. Stand against every mind blinding spirit that will try to suppress the realities of the present condition of our country.

2. Pray for Dr. Fauci, leaders, and healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

3. Protect all leaders who stand for righteousness and justice.

4. Raise up modern day prophets with holy boldness who do not waiver and don’t operate in fear when speaking truth to power.

5. Protect the citizens of the United States. Expose the selfishness of people who act out of their own personal agendas and ambitions.

6. Pray that our country will truly put God first.

7. Come against the spirit of pride, greed, mammon, and idolatry. Tear down the strongholds, and every high spirit that exalts Himself against the knowledge of God – 2 Corinthians 10:5

8. Thank you for dispatching your warring angels throughout the entire world.

9. Thank you for the doors that have been opening to level the playing field. Father, only you can change the hearts of men and women. Money cannot do this.

10. Forgive us for sin. Forgive us for becoming so dull in our spirits that we don’t believe you to perform your power.

11. Show us the little foxes in our lives. Show us if we have a form of godliness but deny God’s power.

12. Thank you giving us the ability to do what we have never done.

13. Thank you for holy boldness. Keep us awake God. Keep us awake!

Prayer Targets National Prayer Connection 7-15-2020 (165 downloads)