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Healing for my son
Submitted By:Eileen Brown
Prayer Request:Jim, my son, was rushed to emergency this morning (Sunday Dec 31st). He went to do dialysis this morning and discovered a clot in his fistula (this is the vein/artery port where he connects to the dialysis machine). We are praying that they can remove the clot without it breaking and traveling to other parts of his body and to also save the current fistula. If they cannot save the fistula then they have to put a port in the artery in his neck and build another fistula in his other arm. This requires major surgery and the procedure is very extensive, with hospitalization and weeks of recovery. He didn’t do too well physically last time they did this surgery. Thanks for your prayers for Jim and pleas pray for his wife, Tara Lyn – they are newlyweds of 5 months