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Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:please pray for a softening of my son Bens heart toward me. He knows the Lord but since he moved away 17 years ago he has changed so much. As his mom I am not able to even correct him on anything or say no to him or Im the heavy. As silly as it sounds.. it isnt. We invite him home for christmas and planned to have him and his wife stay with us.. WHEN HE MARRIED HER she already had 2 dogs. I did not want the dogs at my house so now he wrong me a note saying they wont ever come back home cause of that. SERIOUSLY? hUBBY AND ME JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE AND HAD IT RENOVATED.. SORRY WE DONT DO DOGS. OUR CHOICE BUT THEY TOOK OFFENCE. BUT IS IT A REASON TO WRITE ME OFF? i LOVE MY SON AND MY HOME IS OPEN FOR THEM JUST NOT THE DOGS. .. PLEASE PRAY AS THIS IS ONLY ONE EXAMPLE OF THINGS I END UP BEING BLAMED FOR..i WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE AND HAVE RESTORATION WITH MY SON AND DAUGHTER N LAW..