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I’m running out of time
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I was recently physically assaulted & my car vandalized twice in the last month and poisoned the Friday before last by the same Cartel that has been terrorizing me using organized stalking tactics. I do not believe I will be able to survive much longer. The man who raped me (Francis) has a crew in Chicago and a crew in Chicago Western suburbs. Both of which are heavily involved. I’m NOT the only victim. I’m one of HUNDREDS if not thousands. I’ve been asking for prayer for months. When Francis’s crews murders me nobody will be requesting prayer that God would stop Francis; a Cartel boss who has been murdering, raping & robbing for more than 2 decades. Neither the police nor the FBI did anything for me. I wouldn’t be here unless all I have is prayer for God’s mercy. Will you remember me in prayer as if I was a dear family member? Will you pray that God stops Francis and BOTH his crews? & Get me to safety. Thank You & God Bless You