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Marked for death
Submitted By:Alex D
Prayer Request:I’m marked for Death. Why? I saw cartel member Francis robbing a elderly widow out of her multimillion dollar property.I tried to stop Francis not knowing Francis was a 20year organized crime captain running two separate 100+ppl crime crews. Francis raped/maimed/disfigured me in over 8 parts of my body; I now walk with a limp. Francis crews continues to terrorize me every day. The police did nothing even after I brought them another victim of Francis. I lost 90% of my life saving trying to unsuccessfully flee and got two of my close relatives assaulted by his crews and hospitalized in the process. I need a miracle. I’ve prayed for months; is anyone else praying? Unless God stops Francis and BOTH of his 100+ person crews I probably won’t here to beg for prayer very long. What’s my prayer request? 1) That God stops Francis entire criminal organization and both of his 200+ person organized crime crews. 2) Full physical & Full emotional healing 3) Full restoration of my saving. 4) That God can use me in a Ministry where I can help others. Thank you.