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Camp CARVER vocational Agriculture trades Institue
Submitted By:John Drew
Prayer Request:Praise the Lord Saints.I first off would like to let you know that I am praying for Joetta Nevels, and her family in the passing of her dear mother, a fellow Tuskegee graduate. I have been working alongside her father Joe Jennings since 2002 in the establishment of Camp CARVER (Christian Agricultural Resouceful Visionaries Entering Real Life). Our aim is to expose urban youth to christian living principles, vocational and entreprenerial training in the field of Agriculture and Animal Science.We have located a 168 acre ranch with residential housing for a group home setting, commercial buildings, class rooms and plenty of livestock facilities and food production. We plan to use a portion of the land (Farm Slice) to create a tiny house village built for and by homeless veterans under the instruction of Mr Jennings a master builder and teacher. I would humbly ask to saints to pray if it be the Lord's will for us to acquire this property, the resources and the knowledge to bring this dream to fruition so that our not for profit can continue to help build the kingdom that our works would remain 100 years into the future. We have several different income streams that will support the work once the property is acquired. We will that you would go in agreement with us that we may possess the land for God's glory and to act as a vehicle to help break the generational curse of poverty and homelessness the prevails in our city. In Jesus' Name Amen