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Repentance from Financial Sins
Submitted By:Seth McAdams
Prayer Request:I’m a student in college, using the GI bill, and I should have enough money to get through this semester. Instead, I’m $5000 in credit card debt and have no money in my bank account, and can hardly afford food. I believe I will still make it through, just scraping by. I’m writing to ask you to pray for me for deep repentance for all my financial sins. I haven’t been spending money on extravagances. It’s strange, but I waste money paying rabbis to pray for me at the Western Wall, or sowing ‘seed offerings.’ I’ve had these problems for years, and it’s been a carefully concealed part of my life. I haven’t trusted God to guide my life, so I had to go out of my way to seek His guidance. Please pray for the Lord to bring me to repentance for this. Pray that God will teach me to turn to Him alone, without seeking others to pray on my behalf, and that I will trust Him to guide my life. Also, pray for the wisdom, deep honesty and deep humility to faithfully pay off this debt and get out of this situation. Thanks for your prayers.