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Gift of Income
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Lord and Provider, grant me the gift of income as we pray now.. May the opportunity before me be earnest, good and beneficial to the people it is being offered to. Lord you know the gifts and talents you have bestowed upon me and may potential employers and businesses see and value them quickly too. Pray for right decisions on where and with whom to place 401k rollover and stop the devour of money saved. Grant wisdom to make sound financial decisions for my family members and myself. And Lord, you have given me great ideas, multi-million ideas now help put me in front of the right people to make the decisions to manifest my great ideas that will change the quality of life for me and generations to come. Use me as an instrument of good to lead people to Christ, be a blessings to others, and leave a legacy of love. Prayer for the end of disagreement with HOA and that they pay me the $14k contractual obligation they owe me without legal recourse.. May the HOA plots, vindictiveness and mishandling of funds of the current Board be revealed to all and cease to harm any homeowners. Lord, may the rest of 2018 and the 2019 be my best financial year ever. In Jesus name, amen.