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Submitted By:Terri Castille
Prayer Request:I moved to Renton WA in January. I have been working through an Agency Monday through Friday since March. I am thankful for my assignments thus far but my last assignment ended August 28th. I also work Saturday and Sunday at Nordstrom Rack. They have really been good the month of September when I let them know I was available to work when they had hours available. I am living with a childhood friend of over 40 years and her family. I am thankful for having a daybed in her home office available to have my own space. Pray that I not get weary and I am looking back on my life thus far that let's me know everything is going to be alright. I haven't been a room mate over 23 years. I have been blessed to be self sufficient all those years and I am literally starting over again at 57 ( just had a birthday) Please pray for my belief to reenergized. I move here because I could not find a job. Thank you Terri Castille