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Financial Blessings
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Lord, I request the gift of Income to get out of debt and grant me favor with Rocket Loans for a consolidated loan at a low fixed interest rate. (My 5 year contract was abruptly canceled in late 2016 and the income has not been replaced yet. Jehovah Jirah has sustained me however my savings are getting low and need to be supernaturally replenished). I am the head, will never be the tail. I am on earth to be abundantly blessed to be a blessing. Also, I would like to include in my prayer a thank you to God for giving me this time since job loss to be available to help and care for my aging parents illnesses and needs. Thank God for the honor. Now I need FAVOR, funds, rest, healing for my legs and car, money for extensive dental work, end hair loss and it regrows longer and stronger than before, the cancellation of any generational lymphedema and venous insufficiency, send me help to organize my home and garage that needs manpower for heavy lifting, a paid vacation, time to make a vision board, wisdom on what financial management company to use, a reversal of the cancelation of my 23 year Life Insurance policy, and the ability to buy a ticket to The Prayer Works Luncheon or someone blesses me with one! I am told make the request plain and ask for what you want as our Father loves us so there it is.