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Surrounded by Cartel Members
Submitted By:Alex D
Prayer Request:I’m a Bible College graduate under siege by a 30 year organized crime cartel criminal that seeks to kill me. Why? I tried to stop them from stealing an elderly widows life savings. I failed. Cartel members Francis & Max already raped/assaulted me maiming me & disfiguring me as well as assaulting two of my family members. I believe they may have killed my attorney also who died in her prime under suspicious circumstances. I beg you to intervene on my behalf and plead the Blood of Jesus for God to STOP Francis & his crew & STOP their [devices]:anything used to do evil and avoid punishment & GET ME TO SAFETY. I am so beyond desperate and I have been terrified so much I am numb just ready & waiting to meet Jesus. However I do not want to be murdered and have my parents to have to bury their child (me). That would kill my parents. The Police, the FBI, my Church & Friends have failed me. Please do not fail me. God Bless You Alex