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Submitted By:Innocent Phswa
Prayer Request:I am single Mother of 42 years,staying with my daughter of 12 YEARS,staying with the father of my daughter,who is very abusive,insulting me next to neiboures,relatives daughter.i ve been unemployed over 4 years no financial assistant,I owe Loan Sharks famyly members,school fees for my daughter ,banks promising to send Sherriffs to my mothers place.I am always worried,i even feel my heart betting fast.Every day when my daughter from school we go around looking for money,to pay or buy as I am writting my daughter is sick,due to caugh yesterday we went on in the night asking for money to buy bread and pay bus fair for my daughter,I am tired,my daughter is depressed.The last time I bought clothes was 2015.School unifoam for my daughter is damaged.The man i am staying with hes working for resturant,not enough to help me.