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Welcome to The Prayer Institute

Where we are “taking the world by prayer!”

For over twenty years The Prayer Institute has impacted lives, communities, and nations by doing what Jesus did, PRAY! He set this extraordinary example for all of us to follow. At The Prayer Institute we believe that prayer is the vehicle which God has given to us to access and implement His Kingdom authority here on earth. It is imperative for the body of Christ to have a consistent, progressive, and strategic method for prayer.

We accomplish this by using and teaching the model that Jesus taught to His disciples. In Luke 11, Jesus outlines a specific pattern to use when praying and we have learned that this model produces results! I invite you to take advantage of the various programs, bible studies, and events offered through The Prayer Institute. You too will see God’s will being established in your life.

God bless you!



We are community focused and globally conscious. Our reach is vast and targeted to assist in “taking the world by prayer!”. Check out the many ways you can join us in this vision.