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Prayer Explosion 2013 Save The Date
Pastor Suzette Caldwell invites you to save the date for the 2013 Prayer Explosion. We can't wait and know you will love it, too!
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Rating: 4.25/5
Prayer Explosion
The Community That Prayer Built
A short video from The Prayer Institute outlining the good works done by the nonprofit and how the Caldwells are helping shape the community.
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Rating: 3.86/5
Prayer Institute
Praying to Change Your Life
A short video from Pastor Suzette Caldwell speaking about the impact of Praying to Change Your Life.
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Votes: 10
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Rating: 3.2/5
Pastor Suzette
Praying to Change Your Life Promo
Thirty second TV commercial for Pastor Suzette Caldwell's book, Praying to Change Your Life.
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Votes: 11
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Rating: 3/5
Pastor Suzette
Six Points of The Model Prayer
Pastor Suzette Caldwell explains the six points in the model prayer.
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Votes: 11
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Rating: 3.55/5
Pastor Suzette


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