What is Boots on the Ground?

Boots on the Ground is a special initiative of The Prayer Institute that trains working individuals from all backgrounds how to pray effectively using the Lord’s prayer as their guide. Following the training, these individuals are enlisted as Ambassadors of The Prayer Institute and sent out into the community to pray. We are looking to train persons who work in the following areas.

  • Business/Economics
  • Education
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Government/Politics/Law
  • Science/Technology
  • Family
  • Religion
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Arts and Entertainment



Our Mission

Our mission is to pray for our communities to accomplish God’s will and plans on earth as it is in Heaven. 

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are trained professional volunteer prayer partners from all areas of society who pray (using the Lord’s Prayer as the model) strategic, Scripture based prayers to minister to people. Ambassadors represent Jesus Christ and The Prayer Institute, using authority of Scripture to communicate with God and for God to bring about His blessings for our communities.


  • Member of The ONE Project
  • Opportunity to serve others through prayer
  • Learn to use Scripture to develop effective prayers.
  • Develop spiritual confidence to operate in the authority of the Holy Spirit.
  • Join together with other believers to develop meaningful relationships and cultivate friendships.
  • Be empowered to do the works of Jesus Christ. 

Getting Started

We would love for you to be a part of this special initiative. If you are interested in joining our Ambassador Services program. Please fill out the form below. 

Boots on the Ground Interest Form

    Become an Ambassador

    Thank you for your interest in serving as a BOTG Ambassador with The Prayer Institute. Please complete the form to get started.

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    Please tell us about your service experience and professional background. We are looking to train persons who work in the following areas: Business/Economics, Education, Healthcare/Medicine, Government/Politics/Law, Science/Technology, Family, Religion, Media, Sports, Arts & Entertainment.

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    Training & Experience

    Serving as a BOTG Workplace Ambassador is one of the many ways that we are called to serve. Please indicate other areas where you may be interested in serving.

    Service Areas:

    Class FacilitatorE-newsletter WriterEventsFundraisingGrant WritingPrayer WriterOffice SupportPartner in Prayer (intercessor)PhotographerPrayer Line PartnerPrayerWorks Luncheon AmbassadorWorkplace AmbassadorPlace me wherever you need meOther:

    Ambassador Availability

    Please identify the days(s) and time(s) that work best for your schedule.

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    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)


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    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)


    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)


    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)


    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)


    Morning (8 am-noon)Afternoon (noon-4)Evening (4pm-8pm)Late Evening (after 8pm)

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