Are You Ready for the B90 Challenge?

Join The Prayer Institute LIVE for an adventure through God’s Word starting Wednesday, July 28th, at 6:30 PM CST.

The life-giving power of Scripture is missing from Christians in general. Many are too spiritually weak to stand against worldly temptations; they fail to follow biblical truths for holy and happy living. The result? Struggling marriages, fractured families, and church leaders struggling to fix this mess, but they simply cannot keep up with it all. 

B90 is a group-oriented Bible reading program that engages people in a four session, cover-to-cover reading of the Bible. A specially formatted Bible, LIVE Zoom sessions, and group accountability make it a life-changing experience.

Is B90 Really for Me?

This challenge is a great starting point to inspire Biblical literacy among Christians. Here are just a few of the benefits of the B90 experience:

  • A deepened relationship with God.
  • It’s a Bible reading program, not a study: no doctrinal controversies.
  • Gain Biblical knowledge and understanding that builds confidence and faith.
  • It’s four sessions, which helps participants remember to connect key historical persons, events, and more from Genesis to Revelation.
  • B90 groups build relationships, which contributes to a higher success rate of completing the readings.
  • Transformational: it’s God’s Word!

B90 Course Description 

The Bible in 90 Days, commonly known as B90, is a transformative Bible reading curriculum that motivates the reader to embrace Scripture from cover to cover in 4 Sessions.

Each session involves a short break allowing you the opportunity to reflect upon what you have read in previous sessions.

Session start dates:

  • Session 1 – July 28th
  • Session 2 – September 1st
  • Session 3 – October 6th
  • Session 4 – November 10th

With a specially formatted Bible, you will easily accomplish your desire to read the entire Bible. Participants will gain a working knowledge and understanding of the Bible by connecting key historical persons and events from Genesis to Revelation while growing deeper in their faith and learning.

God will speak truth through these life-changing pages and provide the reader with the strength to achieve something one never thought possible.

Many are too spiritually weak to stand against worldly temptations; they fail to follow biblical truths for holy and happy living.

Young Black Man Reading Bible Outdoors

Registration Details

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The cost to register for this course is $40. In addition, you will need to purchase the required course materials separately.

Required materials include the following:

  • Specially Formatted B90 Bible – $14.99

Introducing Cindy Hayley, Bible Teacher

Cindy Hayley is a third-year Seminary student and a faithful daughter of the Gospel Truth. She has a passion for teaching the Scriptures and a heart for seeing people encounter God through reconciliation. 

Cindy’s role in teaching the Bible in 90 days has helped many grasp a better understanding of what the Word says and the responsibility the reader has in demonstrating their obedience to the Word.  

When she is not teaching, Cindy spends her time volunteering with single mothers at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and assisting in archaeological excavations in Shiloh, Israel. 

She is the proud mother of three daughters and a son.

B90 Impact Stories

Watch these personal stories of how B90 has transformed their lives.



In all of my life, I have always wanted to read the Bible from start to finish. However, despite many attempts, I was never able to accomplish this. When I heard about this class, I was intrigued. Daunted and challenged by the short time period that was allotted for this task, I figured it was a good way to hold me accountable and so I enrolled in the class. The exercise of reading the entire Bible from beginning to finish gave me a terrific sense of accomplishment. Not only was this class a great review of things I already knew about the Bible, it also revealed things that I didn’t know and now have vowed to study more in depth on my own. The first book I am going to study more in-depth is the Book of Revelation!!! I am so glad I took this class! 

-Judith R

This was the most amazing and in-depth Bible study I ever experienced in my lifetime. I was always a believer, but never read and discussed the Bible in its entirety. The lecture and teaching touches university level – and it had a structure thru and thru. The leader sent out weekly notes, reading schedules, a summary, and timelines which helped tremendously with understanding what was happening during each era. 

-Christine V.