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About Us

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is “Taking The World by Prayer!”

    Our purpose is to pray effective, efficacious prayers that will produce God’s plans on earth and to build an army of praying believers who will:
  • Position themselves as watchmen for our world;
  • Establish the Kingdom of God on earth as He has purposed it in Heaven; and
  • Destroy the assignment of the devil.

Our GOAL is to teach believers how to pray more effectively so that God’s Kingdom will continue to operate on earth and to empower believers to do the works of Jesus.

The Prayer Institute receives prayer requests from all over the world for all types of issues. The Prayer Team prays on each request and petition for at least 30 days until there is breakthrough. Beyond individual prayers, the ministry provides opportunities throughout the year for thousands of individuals to pray as ONE on topics such as the environment, the weather, the community, governmental leaders and the ministry, itself.

Courses on praying, healing and deliverance are taught through The College of Prayer, The Prayer Institute’s program that trains believers how to pray in accordance with The Model Prayer.


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