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The Lydia Group

You may be asking, “what is The Lydia Group”? Well, first read this short narrative from the 16th chapter of the book of Acts.

We invite you to JOIN THE TEAM! For more than 20 years The Prayer Institute has carried out the assignment of "taking the world by prayer". We believe your participation in The Lydia Group is critical to the growth He is calling us to. Your gifts and talents will help fulfill this awesome assignment.



Below are The Lydia Group Opportunities.
Find your place, we are waiting for your!!


There was a woman in the Bible named Lydia who sold fine purple cloth in the city of Thyatira. History records her as a well-to-do business woman who worshipped God and heard the voice of God. She was a faithful leader and well-respected woman who could make things happen. One day, while listening to Apostle Paul and his team (Silas and Timothy) discuss ministry matters with some of the women of the area, God opened Lydia’s heart to understand what was being discussed. She insisted that they come to her home and stay as long as they were in Thyatira. She persuaded them to stay because she wanted to be a part of what God was doing in their lives. As a matter of fact, her entire household became believers because of her desire to do the Lord’s work.


As a Conference Igniter, you will help The Prayer Institute team achieve its goals and objectives for implementing exciting, powerful, life-changing conferences that exceed the expectations of attendees. You will attend prayer conferences and speaking engagements; assist with product sales; pray for conferees; and provide overall support to the events where needed.


As a Partner-in-Prayer, you will become a member of The Prayer Institute’s volunteer prayer team. This team’s focus is divided into two components (you can choose which component as a pray-er you wish to undertake):

  1. Pray for individuals, pray for people in the prayer lines at our events, or become one of our Secret Place pray-ers who pray over the many prayer requests that we receive.
  2. Be a ONE Project Partner-in-Prayer who will pray for God’s will to be done in the earth.

Training will be provided for all positions.


As a Database Supporter, your computer skills will be used to provide critical support to the life and management of The One Project Prayer database. You will input Scriptures, registration information for people joining the ONE Project, and prayer requests, as well as collect and organize prayer testimonies in a way that makes data retrieval easy and effective.


As an Office Assistant, you will lend your volunteer time to provide a variety of day-to-day office support and administrative functions for the effective operations of The Prayer Institute’s main office. The Prayer Institute will accommodate your availability any time that works best for you.


As a Marketing/Advertising/Branding Specialist, you will use your experience to help The Prayer Institute strengthen its brand and position in the local, national and global communities. The Prayer Institute welcomes cutting-edge, proactive ideas that further the vision and mission of the organization with a consistent look and message that connects all print materials, media products and programs, and powerfully educates, attracts and involves diverse members of the community.


As a Prayer Writer, you will uphold a successful strategy that has resulted in powerfully answered prayers through the writing of prayers using The Model Prayer. The Prayer Institute has helped change lives and situations for the better through hundreds of written prayers that cover a variety of topics that impact individuals of all ages, families, the community, the United States and the world. There are still so many prayers to write. Training will be provided to help you help us expand this potent strategy.


As a Prayer Instructor, you will join The Prayer Institute’s College of Prayer team. You will be assigned to teach the Praying to Change Your Life: Prayer 101 Class. This exciting and interactive course is conducted in a classroom or online and teaches believers what to pray, why to pray and how to pray more effectively using The Lord’s Prayer as the model for prayer. Training will be provided.


As a Statistician, you will play an important role in tracking the progress and accomplishments of The Prayer Institute’s programs, events, education and prayers. Your work will be used to promote the power of prayer in our print materials, conferences, multi-media products, speaking engagements, videos, media appearances, and much more. Prayer may be intangible, but the results are real, trackable, and encouraging to God’s people!


As a Researcher, you will enable The Prayer Institute’s Prayer Writers to write efficacious, effective and relevant prayers to be prayed by individuals and groups around the world to impact positively local, national and global issues. You will have the opportunity to use your research skills to identify facts and information that will help us write specific, strategic prayers that address God’s will over the issues for maximum results.


As a Video Producer and Scriptwriter, you will help The Prayer Institute tell its powerful story through moving images and words. The activities, events and accomplishments of the organization are ongoing, and you will help us identify and chronicle those activities, events and accomplishments that need to be captured for promotional efforts, historical purposes, and results tracking.


As a private or corporate Financial Supporter of The Prayer Institute, you will help us continue “taking the world by prayer” and enable us to pray and teach people how to pray with powerful results just as Jesus taught His disciples. When people are taught how to pray His way, and they get their prayers answered sometimes beyond their imagination, it strengthens their relationship with the Lord, increases their faith, raises their confidence, bolsters their witness and changes their lives for the better. Proverbs 19:17 says when you give of your finances to help others you are lending to The Lord, and He will repay you. May it be unto you according to His Word! (Luke 1:38)


As a Vision Supporter, you will help The Prayer Institute carry out fund development goals by expanding and diversifying the organization’s base of givers. Your efforts in identifying potential donors who will support The Prayer Institute’s events through donations and sponsorships, as well as facilitating meetings to introduce potential donors to the organization will be key to advancing the vision of “taking the world by prayer!”