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My job security and my finances
Submitted By:Ms. Shawn Kersh
Prayer Request:I am in need of prayer for my job security and my finances. We work on the point system and I have accumlated alot of points due to absences. I am now at 7 points. I had to stay off of work last night due to a female personal problem that I am having. I have been on my job for 13 1/2 years and I have never had that many points before. On 4/22 one point will come off of my record putting me a 6 points. I am asking for the strength to be able to get up go to work so that I can keep my job. I recently recieved my refund check less than 20 days ago and as of today I don't have a dime left. I felled to tithes and give. Not that I don't know about tithing because I do is because I don't know how to manage money. Now I am at 11.00 overdraft waiting on my next paycheck to arrive. I need help. Please pray for me.