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family and finances
Submitted By:Ms. Shawn Kersh
Prayer Request:I am asking for prayer for my family meaning my daughter and husband. Nineteen years ago we were married and a year later we had a daughter who is now 18 years old. We had a very rough start and instead of trying to work things out like most couples do we parted ways. A very big mistake. I put up a wall between us even though he was trying to mend things between us I was going to be the person that had the upper hand. Things were said that we both regret we every said to each and instead of talking about it I choose to use those things against him and kept him from his daughter. We both got involved with other people but I decided to end my very early on while he stayed in his for a long time. We saw each other off on on throughout this time. Our duaghter throughout this time listen and watched my behavior towards him grow bitter and bitter. I held alot of anger for him inside because I felt he didn't fight hard or long enough for us. During this time I constantly denied to family and friends that I no longer cared or wanted to be with him all along living a lie. He decided to end the off and on again relationship. He started going to church which is more that what I can say for myself that he could no longer deny the fact that he wanted to try and work things out with us. For the last 5 years he has been going through a rough time, not able to work, being homeless at one point. I went to see him after he had been calling for months and months. What I saw was a person that has been going through alot. Someone who has aged drastically and someone who looked very sad. It really brought tears to my eyes. He has apologized to me over and over again and wants to know what he can do to fix what we both have destroyed. Admist all of that our daughter wants nothing to do with him. He has done everything he knows to do to try and talk to her but she doesn't want to talk to him. How do I fix this? I have been unhappy for years now finding every excuse as to why I am not happy and the only thing I know that will bring me happiness is being with him and him having a relationship with our daughter. We cannot bring back the past nor change it but we can only make the future better.