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Request Title# PrayersDate 
help012-15-2018View Details
Done012-09-2018View Details
For my mother and siblings012-07-2018View Details
For my oldest son Jeffery Carter012-07-2018View Details
Marriage012-06-2018View Details
Financial012-06-2018View Details
aDDICTION012-05-2018View Details
healing needed112-04-2018View Details
Health012-03-2018View Details
Desperation prayer request 011-30-2018View Details
Broken bond between Mother and Son011-30-2018View Details
Breast cancer011-29-2018View Details
Pray for my husband011-26-2018View Details
Relationships/Marriage011-24-2018View Details
healing &resisting temptation011-22-2018View Details
Test Post011-21-2018View Details
A prayer for my son and daughter011-21-2018View Details
Health011-14-2018View Details
i need gifts cards for the holidays 011-10-2018View Details
Senoir Help011-08-2018View Details
Gift of Income011-08-2018View Details
prayer for healing111-08-2018View Details
peace of mind-health-wisdom-deliverance011-06-2018View Details
healing of nodules in my body011-06-2018View Details
Heal my dear husband011-02-2018View Details
Prayer for class test010-30-2018View Details
Healing for my son010-30-2018View Details
New job and better health010-23-2018View Details
Senior Student010-20-2018View Details
deliverance from the kingdom of darkness010-20-2018View Details
Daughter's mammogram010-12-2018View Details
My Brother010-11-2018View Details
QUICK MARRIAGE010-10-2018View Details
Employment010-09-2018View Details
Financial Blessings010-08-2018View Details
Guidance & direction010-05-2018View Details
salvation Jeries And Noah 010-05-2018View Details
Surrounded by Cartel Members 009-28-2018View Details
salvation for family009-27-2018View Details
Deliverance from kingdom of darkness.009-27-2018View Details
restoration009-27-2018View Details
Daughter's physical009-26-2018View Details
Prayer for my son009-26-2018View Details
Please pray to overcome009-18-2018View Details
health financial and relations009-16-2018View Details
Healing over HIV009-13-2018View Details
Healing over 009-13-2018View Details
loan approval009-11-2018View Details
Healing from an illness 009-07-2018View Details
Prayer for my Auntie Celsa Z. Neri to be heal from cancer009-06-2018View Details
i need housing and i need raise on my job 009-03-2018View Details
i need money to pay off my home 009-02-2018View Details
Forgiving 008-31-2018View Details
financial break through008-30-2018View Details
Illness008-30-2018View Details
God favor008-29-2018View Details
Breakthru008-28-2018View Details
Special Intention 008-28-2018View Details
Change 108-22-2018View Details
help requested108-21-2018View Details
protection and healing208-21-2018View Details
son208-21-2018View Details
Breakthrough008-17-2018View Details
International Christian School008-17-2018View Details
Please pray for my job protection. Pray also for my healing 008-09-2018View Details
Healing for my son008-08-2018View Details
i need 5000 dollars to move into my new home 008-07-2018View Details
Healing 008-06-2018View Details
Traveling mercies for granddaughter and son in law.007-28-2018View Details
Special Prayer Request107-23-2018View Details
Prayer for salvation & deliverance of my elder brother 007-17-2018View Details
Healing for Sickle Cell disease007-17-2018View Details
Thank you so much007-16-2018View Details
prayer topic007-14-2018View Details
Prayer concerning second mammogram007-12-2018View Details
TOTAL HEALING FROM HIV 007-05-2018View Details
Healing007-05-2018View Details
help,007-04-2018View Details
Colon Cancer007-01-2018View Details
Healing 007-01-2018View Details
Healing for myself006-25-2018View Details
heal my dad106-21-2018View Details
Job,job job106-20-2018View Details
Debts106-20-2018View Details
Physical healing106-18-2018View Details
Healing106-04-2018View Details
Total healing from insomnia and anxiety with depression005-30-2018View Details
I need Ministry Partner Pray for this issue 005-14-2018View Details
Prayers for those being bullied, alone005-12-2018View Details
urgent005-11-2018View Details
urgent005-08-2018View Details
protection005-06-2018View Details
employment 005-02-2018View Details
Health and finances005-02-2018View Details
Prayer for both an abuser and their victim005-02-2018View Details
Exam005-02-2018View Details
Power004-23-2018View Details
Friend and members of family need employment004-23-2018View Details
healing004-21-2018View Details
Health 004-18-2018View Details
seeing things004-18-2018View Details
Increase004-17-2018View Details
Scholarship to Notre Dame University004-17-2018View Details
Family and Financial004-11-2018View Details
For breakthroughs004-11-2018View Details
Distraction/short term memory/racing mind004-03-2018View Details
Mom health 004-03-2018View Details
Prayer for employment004-02-2018View Details
Healing for my son003-26-2018View Details
Healing for possible cancer103-19-2018View Details
Need god help003-17-2018View Details
Prayer for HIV103-16-2018View Details
Grandson003-15-2018View Details
Health and Finanes003-13-2018View Details
Unknown illness003-13-2018View Details
Financial freedom003-03-2018View Details
Pray Billy Graham\002-24-2018View Details
Financial breakthrough002-20-2018View Details
MARRIAGE RESTORATION002-19-2018View Details
URGENT.. PRAYER NEEDED102-13-2018View Details
HEALING /MARRIAGE 002-11-2018View Details
HEALING /MARRIAGE 002-11-2018View Details
Studies & Financial002-10-2018View Details
A New Job 002-08-2018View Details
Family member lost her job and home002-07-2018View Details
Challenging and Uncertain Times002-07-2018View Details
urgent job002-06-2018View Details
God's Will for my Daughters002-02-2018View Details
Salvation and relationship for my mother 001-15-2018View Details
my relationship with My Father001-15-2018View Details
have kids001-11-2018View Details
Health001-10-2018View Details
Protection from the cold001-03-2018View Details
Healing for my son012-31-2017View Details
life012-28-2017View Details
Prayer for my teenage and adult children012-27-2017View Details
Health,Financial, security for me and family012-27-2017View Details
Family and restoring broken relationships012-20-2017View Details
Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 012-19-2017View Details
Restoration 012-17-2017View Details
Healing from hiv to be negative012-09-2017View Details
Super Natural Financial Breakthrough for my Business112-07-2017View Details
Peace and wellbeing011-30-2017View Details
restoration011-27-2017View Details
Help!011-17-2017View Details
Deliverance011-14-2017View Details
Grandson needs a job now011-13-2017View Details
Family member going through cancer treatment011-13-2017View Details
Pain in Left leg011-10-2017View Details
Health011-07-2017View Details
HEALING &WISDOM011-06-2017View Details
Trade test 011-01-2017View Details
Prayers Needed010-29-2017View Details
good job010-13-2017View Details
my situation010-12-2017View Details
Prayer for empty nester010-11-2017View Details
My Season of Victory and Peace010-11-2017View Details
Prayers for a PASSING Score on October 30th010-03-2017View Details
Deliverance209-28-2017View Details
Miracle Money!!!!009-28-2017View Details
Healing from lupus 109-25-2017View Details
Physical Healing009-19-2017View Details
Healing from genetic feature009-17-2017View Details
RE: my marriage009-15-2017View Details
Release from bondage and financial revival009-15-2017View Details
Peace and Joy in my Life109-06-2017View Details
Healing for my daughter009-02-2017View Details
A godly husband008-23-2017View Details
Weight loss008-23-2017View Details
Unemployment008-18-2017View Details
Walk with God007-29-2017View Details
Healing for my eyes107-25-2017View Details
healing 007-24-2017View Details
Prayer for safety and protection for daughter and grandchildren.007-13-2017View Details
Family 007-02-2017View Details
Healing from Lung cancer007-02-2017View Details
prayer woman006-20-2017View Details
Needs006-05-2017View Details
Health and Healing106-01-2017View Details
Healing after surgery 005-31-2017View Details
finances and family105-30-2017View Details
Me and my kids 005-16-2017View Details
Growth In Christ005-10-2017View Details
Prayer for Mental Clarity and Focus on my porpose005-08-2017View Details
favour and be filled by the holy spirit005-02-2017View Details
$5000.00 needed on Wednesday, March 22 and a financial blessing003-22-2017View Details
prayer woman003-19-2017View Details
HELP003-15-2017View Details
My job security and my finances003-13-2017View Details
family and finances003-13-2017View Details
Son need truth reveal103-07-2017View Details
Healing and restoration 003-02-2017View Details
Guidance 003-01-2017View Details
Healing102-27-2017View Details
Please Pray For Me405-28-2015View Details